The Rotary motto is Service Above Self, and members of the Blairstown
Ambulance Corps demonstrate that motto every day.  In support of their service to
the community, Blairstown Rotary is donating $2,000 to the Corps to help
support their memorial wall project.
The wall will include a plaque listing the charter members.  Two of the members,
Martin Semken & Victor Stoffels, were also Rotarians who saw a need in town
for an ambulance service.  Martin owned a body shop and had a Suburban in the
shop that the Rotary club reconditioned and donated to the Corps.  It was the
town's first ambulance. 
The Ambulance Corp was founded in 1952 and Blairstown Rotary started in 1947,
so both organizations have been serving the community for many years.
In the picture above are Corps members Laura Bolcar, Rich Johnson, Paul McNamara,
Deb Ankelein, Sue Lothian and Bob Halberstadt and Rotarians Bob Law, Jeanne Law, 
Denise Stanley, Bob Sherman and Dian Sherman.  Bob & Dian are also members of the 
Our sincere appreciation to the Blairstown Ambulance Corps for 
everything you do!