Blairstown Rotary and Blairstown
Enhancement Committee Work Together on Town Tourism Sign
Rotary and the Blairstown Enhancement Committee (BEC) worked together to design, produce and install a new town sign highlighting Blairstown tourism and our position as the gateway to the Delaware Water Gap National Recreation Area.
Sign design was led by BEC member Gina Trish.  Rotary funded the project and managed the production and installation.  The sign is located on Route 94, just south of the Route 521 intersection as you enter Blairstown from the east.
The BEC will be creating an accompanying web site were people can go to get more information on local businesses and events that support the activities highlighted on the sign.
At the recent introduction of the sign, members of Rotary and BEC were joined by Deputy Mayor Joanne Van Valkenburg and Township Committee member Debra Waldron.
In the socially-distanced photo, left to right are Gina Trish, sign designer; Dave Paulson, BEC President; Debra Waldron; Bob Law, Rotary President; and Joanne Van Valkenburg.