Welcome to America Araceli!
Vitaj Na Slovenski Carissa!
Blairstown Rotary is proud to have two exceptional young women participating in the Rotary Youth Exchange Program for the upcoming school year.  Carissa Plut, a Blairstown resident & North Warren Regional student, has arrived in the Czech Republic.  Araceli Tapia, from Catamarca, Argentina has arrived in Blairstown, where she will be living with the Plut family and attending NWRHS.
             Araceli & Carissa got to spend a few days together
                prior to Carissa's departure to the Czech Republic
While in their respective host countries, Araceli and Carissa will have the opportunity to experience day-to-day living with their host family, attend school and meet local students, learn the language, meet other exchange students from around the world and explore the local area and country.
Blairstown Rotary is an active participant in the Rotary Youth Exchange Program.  Each year, Youth Exchange provides about 8,000 high school students the opportunity to experience first hand the culture of people in other countries.  The program provides students with the opportunity to grow as individuals and expand their knowledge of the world we all live in.
We hope you get the chance to meet Araceli and make her feel at home in Blairstown.